Ecosia on Tum


Ecosia on Campus is a global movement of students campaigning to make Ecosia the default search engine at their university. More than 175.000 trees have already been financed by students at universities worldwide!

The TUM students started in Dezember 2020 and got over 16000 searches already.

Ecosia in a nutshell

Ecosia is a bing based search engine. Your searches generate profit, which Ecosia uses to plant trees in places where they are needed most. Currently, about 45 searches are necessary to finance one tree. Until now, Ecosia has enabled about 117 million trees to be planted!

This is our unique university link. When you download the Ecosia extension through this link, you will contribute to the TUM´s tree counter when searching the web on your private PC or mobile Phone. Help us get the whole university connected! Starting at individual Students and the Fachschaften, we eventually hope to motivate all of the 40.000 TUM students to make the switch and even establish Ecosia as the standard search machine campus wide.  

How to install with(out) Ecosia already installed

Open ECOSIA on your preferred devise and follow the steps.
If you already use Ecosia you first need to uninstall the extension from your browser and then reinstall Ecosia through the link.

Important note: In the process of adding Ecosia to your browser (Chrome, Firefox or Safari) you are not going to see a status or a confirmation that you are now tracking fot the TUM campaign. As long as you followed all the steps, everything should be working correctly!

On mobile devices the link will open the app store and your searches will also contribute to TUM´s counter.

Thank you so much for taking this easy step to contribute to a greener future with us!

To stay connected, receive updates, ask questions or join our campaign team, feel free to follow us on instagram @tum.on.ecosia and drop us a message or write us an mail to