Kreislaufwirtschaft in der Verpackung // Prof. Dr. H.-C. Langowski

20/11/2018 um 18:00 – 19:30
MW 1801
Boltzmannstraße 15
85748 Garching bei München

Circular Economy Packaging

2.12 BILLION TONS is the amount of trash produced globally each year. 8 million tons is how much garbage is added to our oceans yearly. 99 is the percentage of newly purchased things we throw away after only 6 months.

To reduce these alarming numbers is a very complex, ambitious but urgent goals. Here to talk about a few solutions to this issue is Prof. Langowski, whose research focuses on packaging technology for food, technical and pharmaceutical products, special-purpose plastics and their interactions with packaged products.

If you are interested in learning about recycling in different levels, bio-based and degradable materials as well as reusable and returnable systems and their various advantages and disadvantages, join us in this long overdue discussion.